BASE is all about premium service and value for you. You'll receive a first-class experience every time you come to the gym and you'll acheive first-class results.

By joining BASE, rather than a regular gym, you'll get:


  • A positive gym environment with no attitude, no posing in the mirrors and no egos
  • Confidence that you are doing the exercises correctly
  • A wide choice of weekly scheduled appointments to fit around your commitments outside the gym
  • A friendly environment where you feel welcome and valued, not just a number in the gym
  • All the support you need including your specific program, coaching through your workout, your own small team and accountability to keep you coming to class and achieving yoru goals
  • A personalised programme, updated regularly based on your current progess and goals. You will know what to do from the moment you arrive to the time you leave and can be confident it is working
  • A comprehensive nutrition plan alongside your training
  • A Functional Movement Systems Screen to assess your movement, diagnose any stability or mobility issues and a fully individualised corrective program to prevent injury and improve movement
  • Consistent body composition measurements to help you accurately track your progress
  • All your exercise information tracked centrally so that you can track and review your progress
  • A community and group that you can connect with and rely on


Everyone who joins BASE starts with a 6 week fitness transformation through our BASE CAMP trial process

Simply click here and enter your details to sign up. Once you've filled in your contact details we will be in touch to talk through the details and get you scheduled to start your fitness transformation straight away.

Your 6 week BASE CAMP fitness transformation costs £119. 

This includes: 

  • A full onboarding experience and intruduction to your gym, coaches and members
  • A dedicated personal coach
  • A goal-specific training programme
  • Three coached group training sessions per week
  • Nutrition support
  • A body composition analysis
  • A functional movement screen
  • A full fitness education
  • Guaranteed results

We're located in Central Bracknell at:

15 Market Street RG12 1JG.

Free Parking is available at The Peel Centre, RG12 1EN or there is a multi-story car park directly above the gym at High Street Car Park, RG12 1LP.

Nope, everything is tailored to your current level of strength and fitness. No matter what your starting point is we'll coach you get fitter, stronger and leaner through your 6 week transformation.

We have seen that creating a better athlete in the gym creates a better athlete out on the road, track, course or sports field. 

Our coaches have experience in applying the training to their own sporting endeavours with consistent results, as well as over 30 years of combined experience in helping athletes perform better, stay away from injury and enjoy their sports across a variety of disciplines.

Our exercises and methods can be tailored to individual needs in our semi-private or private training packages to get you better in your sport or get you ready for your event.

We understand the importance of nutrition in supporting your health and wellness goals. That's why as a member you will receive nutrition support and seminars to ensure you have everything you need. The guidance is provided by PN Nutrition Certified Coaches. 

Precision Nutrition is the World's leading nutrition coaching package, providing you an online system to follow, including step by step habit builders, food plans, tips, FAQ's and comprehensive advice. In short, we have all your nutrition needs covered.

Monthly or quarterly body composition measurements through our Base Nutrition service will also provide feedback to ensure your training and nutrition plan are working for you.

That's completely your choice. Once you have been through BASE CAMP you can become a fully-fledged member of BASE TRIBE by choosing a membership package that works for you. Or if you decide BASE isn't for you we can part ways at the end of your 6 week fitness tranformation, no hard feelings!

If you follow the advice of our expert coaches and stick to your programme we absolutely gaurantee you'll get impressive results. But, if for whatever reason you don't make progress we will give you a full refund.


Everyone who joins BASE GYM on a full membership package starts with a 6 week fitness transformation through our BASE CAMP trial process so that you can decide whether our gym is right for you.

You'll get a personalised programme, movement screen, body composition measurements, nutrition advice and access to three group training sessions per week.

We have a range of membership packages that range from £147-£176 per month.

All your sessions must be booked ahead of time through TeamUp. Here you can schedule you entire training week for your coached classes and team sessions.

You can also book your place on our seminars and additional events in the same way.

Click here to see the full schedule.

A success principle we have noticed with our members is when they get to 80% of their planned sessions they get results.

The idea off accumulating sessions or doing 4 one week because they missed 2 last week doesn’t work to achieve results. Clients that get results commit to a set number of sessions each week and then turn up the majority of the time, and may miss the odd one or two.

Once members know they can “accumulate” sessions it creates inconsistency. For this reason we don’t let you carry sessions over week by week, but you can book on to any sessions you choose within your package each week.


Your package is calculated based on value of your overall experience and the results that you get over the time you spend with us, so your monthly payment stays the same. We don’t charge hour by hour.

All packages are based on a minimum commitment.