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6 week resistance training programme including 4x sessions per week, access to expert coaches and private Facebook community. Starts Monday 12th October 2020.



This 6 week programme starts Monday 12th October 2020

The BASE Build Training Programme has been specifically designed as an ‘at home’ package using minimal space and equipment. This is a progressive 6 week programme, which includes 4 strength & conditioning sessions per week, plus access to the virtual gym via your private Facebook community and daily guidance from Base Gym Head Coach, Gareth Doody.

This is a resistance training programme that includes complementary conditioning.

Anyone who has gym experience or an understanding of fundamental movement patterns such as the Squat, Deadlift and Press.
Intermediate to advanced gym user.
  • Access to your virtual gym (private Facebook community).
  • Guidance, programming and coaching tips from Head Coach, Gareth Doody.
  • Warm ups for every session
  • A 6 week progressive Strength Programme (4 sessions per week) with complementary Conditioning work.
  • Movement prescriptions and recovery protocols for non-training days.
  • Demo videos for every movement.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle guidance to improve your health, body composition, performance and immunity.
The programme officially begins on Monday 12th October, but you’ll receive access to the Facebook community group as soon as you purchase this course. You’ll receive the first week of your training programme a few days before the programme begins, and each week thereafter.
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You’ll receive an invite to the private Facebook Training Group where you’ll receive access to your training programme each week and guidance from Base Gym’s Head Coach, Gareth Doody, and the Base Team.
The programme prioritises movement over intensity, volume or load. Use this programme to focus on movement quality. Slow down, nurture good movement, improve body composition, connect body and mind. We have used functional movements, tempo work and proven nutrition habits to create a programme that will help you look and feel good.
We use Functional movements
Movements that are used in everyday life such as the hinge, squat, push, pull and carry.

We use Supersets

We use supersets throughout the programme for efficient use of time, increase time under spent under load and as a consequence increase the fat burning effect of the workouts.

We use Tempo Training

The use of tempo training is a great way to build strength and improve the quality and control of your movement.

We Progress Movement difficulty and Shorten Rest Periods

The program has been designed with minimal kit requirements. We can still stimulate positive adaptation without having weight to increase loads.

We use proven Nutrition habits 

Nutrition support and advice is provided by PN Nutrition Certified Coaches

We take a holistic approach to training

We use our years of experience to provide a balanced program that values your physical health, mental health and longevity. The aim is to help you train to live not the other way round.


2 reviews for Build: Home Training Programme

  1. Avatar

    Anita Lorenc

    Brilliant programme! I got so much stronger! And leaner! The support from Gareth and the community was so much more than I expected. The best online training programme I’ve ever done ✅

    • Base Gym

      Base Gym

      Thank you for your kind words Anita! It’s great to see everyone getting amazing results.

  2. Avatar

    Tracy Butcher (verified owner)

    I can’t fault this programming and would highly recommend it. My confidence and body composition has improved significantly by following the programming by Gareth and the support from the community has been nothing short of amazing! I will definitely be signing up again!

    • Base Gym

      Base Gym

      Thank you so much Tracy! Your progress has been fantastic and it has been a pleasure to have you on board x

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