Fit In Fifteen Virtual Gym: 6 Week Programme

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A 6 week home fitness package, with live workouts and online community for those looking to begin their fitness journey and are pushed for time. STARTS: Monday 12th October 2020



Looking to begin your journey towards better health and fitness, but pushed for time?

This 6 week programme kicks off on Monday 12th October 2020.

The BASE Fit In Fifteen Virtual Gym has been specifically designed as an ‘at home’ training package that will help you look and feel better than ever using minimal space, equipment AND TIME! It includes 4 live Zoom classes per week, with opportunities to catch up On-Demand via the recorded sessions in your private Facebook community, as well as guidance from our expert coaches, ongoing support and a bit of friendly banter!

Anyone who wants to begin their fitness journey, or support their other training activities but is pushed for time, or looking for a bit of guidance and social connection. Through this guided programme you will move better, feel better and get fitter!

Beginner to Intermediate.


  • A 6 week fun and friendly training programme (4x 15-20 minute training sessions per week).
  • Access to 4 LIVE classes per week, delivered by Coach Emma via Zoom (with some social interaction after each class for those who want to chat and ask questions).
  • Recordings from each session with demonstrations from Coach Emma available for you to catch up On-Demand.
  • Weekly suggestions for reset, mobility and skill sessions to keep you busy on your recovery days.
  • Access to our expert coaches and a community of like-minded individuals through a private Facebook Group.
  • Weekly nutrition, movement and lifestyle habits to improve your health, body composition, performance and immunity.
  • Video links to all movements.

MONDAY:    6pm
FRIDAY:    6pm
SUNDAY:    9am

A Dumbbell, Kettlebell or any weighted object, a positive attitude and a some space to move in.

The programme officially begins on Monday 12th October, but you’ll receive access to the Facebook community group as soon as you purchase this course. You’ll receive the first week of your training programme a few days before the course begins, and each week thereafter.

This is a progressive 6 week programme aimed at getting you moving and feeling better with just 15 minutes of activity 3-5 times per week. It can be used as a stand alone programme for those looking to begin their journey, or or as a supplement your other training activities.

The programme prioritises movement over intensity, volume or load. We will use functional movements such as squatting, pushing, pulling and carrying, adaptable to suit all ages, abilities and restrictions. This is supplemented by steady state cardio and other activities throughout the course, weekly nutrition habit advice and accountability, plus you will be supported throughout by our expert coaches and our positive community of like-minded people.

Use this programme to focus on movement quality. Begin building sustainable healthy habits, nurture good movement, improve body composition, connect body and mind.

Add this product to your cart and follow the payment instructions. You’ll receive an invite to the private Facebook Training Group, and in advance of the start date of the course you’ll receive an email containing further instructions about the programme, including details of how to login to the Zoom LIVE classes.

1 review for Fit In Fifteen Virtual Gym: 6 Week Programme

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    Kasia (verified owner)

    This program is absolutely fantastic! I have done the phase 1 isolation training before and this one is something else 😉 is so much more interactive. I greatly enjoy live sessions when I get help on how to improve the movements. The program is so versatile… endurance, strength, flexibility… Do not be taken by soft sound of 15… you can make it as hard as you like and having the coach counting tempos and the breaks makes very intensive workouts. Each week, a new habit to master is given and extra session on all essentials like breathing, back health, balance. Well done coach Emma! The community is also fantastic!

    • Base Gym

      Base Gym

      Thank you Kasia for your kind words. It’s been a real pleasure to have you with us to help make the community such a fantastic place 🙂

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